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Flexible entrance mats are suitable for medium-traffic buildings. But what is a flexible entrance mat? Some precisions.

Average building occupancy is generally considered to be around 500 passages per day. For this level of use, soft carpets may suffice (rigid carpets are recommended for heavy traffic). Flexible mats are composed of two elements, the base layer and the upper layer. Both elements must be taken into consideration when selecting an entrance mat, depending on its intended use.

For outdoor use, it is preferable to select an entrance mat made of rubber, synthetic grass of 100% polyethylene fibres, vinyl spaghetti loop, or natural cocoa fibres.

For indoor use, look for 100% polypropylene fibres with a vinyl base layer or 100% polyamide.

In addition to choosing the right materials, other elements should be taken into account when selecting a flexible entrance mat.

  • Warranty: Although flexible entrance mats have shorter guarantees than rigid ones, they should offer a minimum of a 5-year guarantee.
  • Usage: If the entrance mat is intended for indoor use, look for one that quickly absorbs moisture.
  • Variety of Colours: Never forget a welcome mat is the first impression of hospitality. Choose from classic, heathered or striped colours to decorate your building, school, hotel or store.

An entrance mat will affect the impression you want to give to your visitors. Take your time to decide.

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