The 5 Characteristics of an Entrance Mat

Supermarket Entrance Mats

How do you choose the right entrance mat? By ensuring that it meets your criteria in safety, accessibility, durability, aesthetics and personalization.

1 – Security, the key to high-usage areas.

In locations with high daily traffic (supermarkets, government buildings, schools …), it is often preferable to select recess-mounted entrance mats that will not move despite heavy usage. Architects and builders often choose built-in matting because of their strong aluminium frames, offering maximum stability. The risks of “tripping over the carpet” or hindering the opening of the doors of the building are, therefore, significantly reduced.

2 – Accessibility, the sign of a building open to everyone.

The ERP norms for public buildings are intended to make them accessible to those with all types of disabilities. These standards were dictated within the framework of the Equal Rights and Opportunities Act of February 11, 2005. Here too, built-in carpets are the best answer. They are slip resistant and installed below grade, facilitating wheelchair access.

3 – Durability, because cost-savings and hygiene go hand in hand.

Durability is an important criterion for contractors when selecting entrance mats for a future building. They will look for products with scraping and absorbing characteristics. These traits allow the carpet to retain dirt and absorb moisture that would otherwise enter the premises.  A carpet that lasts contributes to the hygiene of a house, residential building, school, company or other public installation. This is why we also call them “carpets of cleanliness”.

4 – Aesthetics, because a carpet is the signature of a building.Indoor Logo Mat

An entrance or a welcome mat gives visitors the first impression of your building and brand. Its function extends beyond considerations of hygiene and safety. The choice of a logo and colour can be decisive in the success and popularity of your entrance.

5 – Personalization, for direct communication

Personalized carpets give a note of originality to the entrance of any house, apartment or building. Customizing your entrance mat is an excellent way to communicate with the visitor, showing them that you have made a unique and creative effort to extend hospitality. Custom carpet suppliers offer a wide range of ideas.

By weighing these different criteria, architects, building contractors, and decision-makers can be sure to make the right choice. An entrance mat is not only a key decorative element, it’s a technical element affecting hygiene, cleanliness and safety. Choosing a good carpet will contribute significant savings in maintenance labour and cleaning product costs.

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