Aluminium Frame Entrance Mats

Doormat 22R- Red

Aluminium frame entrance mats are particularly suited to heavy traffic spaces (from 1500 people a day).

Aluminium frame entrance mats are more resistant than soft mats. They can be used inside or outdoors.

For interior or covered spaces, the Reps (polypropylene, textile fibre) top layer is particularly suitable. Why? Excellent absorption capacity. This type of top layer traps the fine dirt carried on the soles of visitors’ shoes (dust, sand, hair). It is also resistant to rolling loads from dollies and carts.

In outdoor spaces, rubber or raised-brush mats are ideal because their scraping top layers improve, among other things, sound insulation. This type of mat traps coarse dirt (leaves, sand, debris) and resists rolling loads.

To accommodate the elevation available on the floor, these mats come in several heights (10 mm, 17 mm, 22 mm). Their thickness (between 1.5 mm and 3 mm) makes them highly resistant to heavy loads.

The final characteristic of an aluminium frame entrance mat is, obviously, the aluminium frame itself. These frames are adapted to the building where they will be installed. Several shapes are available: right mortice, rounded mortice, bias cut and rounded cut.

Aluminium rollable Entrance Mat

Aluminium rollable Entrance Mat

In addition to their resistance and hygienic qualities, aluminium frame entrance mats have a long life. This is particularly true if they are of the open roll out concept, which facilitates maintenance and handling. The entrance mat then acts as a true barrier against dirt.

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