Entrance Mat Aesthetics

Doormat 17R - Bright blue
Doormat 17R - Bright blue

Although safety and hygiene are the most important criteria to consider when choosing an entrance mat, aesthetics also play a role.

Entrance mats have a decisive function for buildings. After the façade, they provide one of the first impressions of a home, shopping centre, administrative building or company. They show how much thought has been given to visitors. That’s why aesthetic considerations are as important as safety or hygiene in the choice of an entrance mat.

The three main aesthetic criteria for an entrance mat are:

  1. Colour
  2. Customisation
  3. Borders
Doormat 22RG, Bright red:Black

Doormat 17R – Bright blue

Entrance Mat Colour

Entrance mats come in a variety of colours. Depending on the profile of the entrance mat purchaser, the choice of colour will be very different. Most often, individuals opt for bright colours such as the three examples:

  1. Example 1
  2. Example 2
  3. Example 3
Doormat 22RG, Green:Black

Doormat 17R – Bright blue

Institutions, businesses and supermarkets tend to prefer sober colours (grey, anthracite…), reputed to be easier to maintain. In addition, traits such as seriousness and professionalism are often associated with dark colours.

Entrance Mat Customisation 

Outdoor Logo Customised Entrance mats

Outdoor Logo Customised Entrance mats

When we talk about the aesthetics of a mat, we are not only speaking of colour. More and more, ENTRANCEMATS UK customers are request custom carpets. That is to say, entrance mats with a design element that is representative of the customer.

  • Individuals like to embellish their entrance mat with a personal drawing
  • Businesses are increasingly requesting entrance mats with their logo

Drawings and logos can be uploaded to the ENTRANCEMATS UK website. The company will then send a BAT (“ready for printing”) to the customer for approval so that the customer can ensure the proposal meets their needs.

Entrance Mat Borders

The edge of an entrance mat is the other important aesthetic criterion to consider. Entrance mat purchasers generally attribute a higher level of quality to entrance mats with borders versus those without. It is often thought that a rubber edges guarantees an entrance mat’s strength and resistance. However, mats without borders are just as solid as evidenced by ENTRANCEMATS UKcustom rugs, whose slightly rounded edges provide solidity while expressing a modern aesthetic.

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