What makes a good interior entrance mat?

Super Market Entrance Mat

Interior entrance mats are key for the hygiene, cleanliness and safety of a building. Examples with ENTRANCEMATS UK  products.

A good entrance mat usually possess aesthetic qualities that make it an agreeable welcome to a building. These qualities are not sufficient, however. Interior entrance mats should also contribute to the cleanliness and hygiene of a building. Otherwise, dust, mud and humidity will be the unwelcome guests of the shopping mall, school, town hall or other building with high traffic.

Above all, an interior welcome mat should be absorbent. It must also have the capacity to scrape the soles of visitors’ shoes in order to remove dirt, soil, grass and other debris that we carry under our feet.

It must also be able to block moisture.

ENTRANCEMATS UK offers coverings such as brushed aluminum, with saddle joints, that make absorbent entrance mats that will not rot. This type of covering is ideal for trapping fine dirt in interior or covered spaces and is resistant to rolling loads.

Finally, a welcome mat is an element of a building’s security. It is important to ensure that the entrance mat is non-slip in order to avoid, for example, children running into a school and sliding on a slippery mat.

Two examples of non-slip entrance mats:

  1. Entrance mat 10R
  2. Entrance mat 22R premium

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