Custom Entrance Mat: fast and at the click of a button!

The old adage says you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, as well as noting that the first impression is often the most important.

The entrance mat addresses this need perfectly. Its design and messaging specifically create a first impression. Entrance mats also generate an identity and bond with users.

Used properly, the entrance mat is an extraordinarily effective marketing and hospitality tool.


Companies take great care with the entrance to their premises, and Entrancemats now offers a service entirely devoted to customizing mats for this space. Whether it is destined for a large shopping mall, government building, factory or private home, a personalized entrance mat will make an impression on every visitor.

Selecting the right entrance mat to represent your company can be a difficult task. Multiple characteristics must be taken into account: size, location of the mat with respect to the rest of the space, whether or not it will be indoors, the mat’s visibility if outdoors… To help clients, particularly supermarkets, leverage their entrance mat to connect with their customers, Entrancemats now offers authentic customization that combines quality and speed.

In fact, Entrancemats has developed an on-line customization tool. Simple and intuitive, the tool allows companies to easily select size and color before adding an image, logo or written message. More than mere customization, the personalized entrance mat is unique, a vector carrying your message and emotion straight to your customer.


All styles are possible, from slogans to humorous messages. Without losing sight of the overall goal of a remarkable entrance to your supermarket, Entancemats places no limits on the imagination of companies who can choose the image they want to give their customers.

While maintaining the quality of their products, which is of prime importance, Entrancemats has endeavored to increase its production times to better meet the needs of customers. Custom orders are treated in record time. In just 24 hours, the computer graphics department creates a model for your approval. Unlike the long delays often required for such orders, it is no longer necessary to wait several weeks for your custom entrance mat. Entrancemats guarantees a total production time of only 72 hours, with delivery 24 to 48 hours afterwards.

No more waiting around. Customization is now just a click away

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