Entrance Mat Selection Criteria

An entrance mat, yes, but not just any one. Because there are at least as many kinds of entrance mats as uses for them, it is worth remembering that the best entrance mat is carefully selected.

The question then becomes which criteria to use for the choice. In other words, why choose one mat over another. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

How to choose an entrance mat: things to consider

Put aside aesthetic concerns, which vary with individual tastes and are not impacted by technical performance, for a moment. Instead, examine functional criteria. These technical aspects allow us to classify entrance mats and, as a result, make a well-informed choice. In particular, four usage criteria are key to the selection of a mat: slip classification, fire resistance, other forms of resistance, and the ability to reflect light.

Slip Classification

It is always preferable for floors to meet certain safety criteria, including resistance to slippage. Make sure the floor has proven resistance to slippage, particularly in damp conditions.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance measures the way a given material, in this case an entrance mat, will behave in the event of a fire, specifically whether or not it will accelerate the fire. This is an objective criterion. Do not hesitate to ask your sales representative about it.

Other Forms of Resistance

It is also a good idea to ask yourself—and your sales representative—about four other levels of resistance: durability, puncture resistance, water resistance and resistance to chemicals.

Light Reflection

What is the material’s capacity to reflect light? The more a mat reflects light, the lower the energy consumption!

entrance mats choices

The selection criteria is based on the predicted use of the entrance mat

With all these selection criteria in mind, the moment of decision arrives. Which criteria are most important, according to which logic, in selecting an entrance mat? It is important to understand the precise, intended use of the entrance mat: what will the traffic level be, what kinds of materials will be transported over it, what’s the desired luminosity, as well as understanding the public who will use the mat and the length of time they will spend in the building. Therefore, two rules can help you in making your selection. On one hand, remember the old adage that “he who wants the most can do the least” and be prudent. On the other, it is always better to seek the advice of a professional!

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