The question of placing an entrance mat: above or below grade.

In addition to examining usage, which determines the security level and technical characteristics that must be met, the question of installation is also important for the final client as well as the architectural firm. Several options are available, above or below grade, and each option has distinct advantages and limitations.

Several options are available, above or below grade, and each option has distinct advantages and limitations.

Above grade: simplicity

If the entrance mat will be moved frequently, either for maintenance or because its usage may be subject to change based on the weather, it is important to consider whether an above-grade mat that simply lies on the ground is not the best solution.

This type of placement presents a certain advantage. The mat is removable and can be displaced at any time. It should be noted, however, that this type of mat has the possibility of moving beneath a user’s feet. As a result, these mats may have a tendency to wear-down faster.

In such cases, the mat may also be glued. This solution ensures the mat will not slip regardless of the level of foot-traffic or the nature of the machines and material being carried over the mat. In other words, this is the choice of safety since it guarantees that the mat will not move beneath uses’ feet or get caught in dolly or machinery wheels. However, the mat then becomes immobile, unless it is re-glued after being displaced, which is obviously difficult when the first round of glue is high quality.

Entrance mat above grade

The built-in mat: a good compromise

A recessed installation offers the same safety advantages as a glued mat while also allowing for installation flexibility, as with an above-grade mat. While recessed mounting does not guarantee the absolute security of a glued mat, it is excellent and far superior to the safety of a mat that is simply laid on the ground. It also has the flexibility of being movable.

For this type of mat, custom production is absolutely necessary. Custom mats are cut to the exact dimensions, down to the millimeter, and desired thickness.

Thus we know the types of entrance mats:

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