Entrance mats for schools

It’s time to go back to school! Our children are starting a new academic year. They are going to walk over their school’s entrance mat at least twice a day.

Learning in the right conditions means going to school in a welcoming and adapted environment. The flooring in general and entrance mats in particular are an important part of our children’s learning environment. Both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, special attention must be paid to school entrance mats.

Whether in primary or secondary schools, entrance mats are used everyday and need to satisfy a triple requirement:

1) High resistance

High resistance and maximum safety are the two main choice criteria. An entrance mat in a school is particularly exposed to wear: dozens and even hundreds of children tread on it every day, often with wheeled school bags. The first functional purpose of an entrance mat is therefore to stand up to children who constantly walk, run and jump on it!


2) A high level of safety

The second requirement demanded of a school entrance mat is safety. Children can be less careful than adults and so an entrance mat must guarantee total safety, by offering strong adhesion and high resistance to conventional aggressive factors such as mud, water and soil but also extreme conditions (fire, chemical products, etc.).


3) Very easy maintenance

A quality entrance mat guarantees very easy maintenance. Besides requirements in terms of resistance and safety, school entrance mats must also satisfy a practical maintenance requirement. Choosing the right entrance mat is a way to reduce maintenance time and thus lower cleaning costs, both for the entrance mat and for the whole building.

By absorbing humidity and dirt, and therefore avoiding their dispersion in adjoining areas, an effective mat coating can reduce the building’s maintenance costs.
Sometimes forgotten or neglected, entrance mats are often ordered “at the last minute”. For several years now, EntranceMats has been open all summer long and therefore allows a smooth school opening when term time resumes.

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