Installation stages of an entrance mat

Before installing a new entrance mat, good professionals need to follow a certain number of steps and consider their intervention as a service rather than a simple delivery. Review of details at EntranceMats.

1) Reception of the enquiry

Our administrative teams receive enquiries, either through the website or by phone. We take advantage of this initial contact to define and specify what the customer is looking for. The aim is to check constraints, certain technical points.

But an enquiry cannot be totally investigated at a distance. It is therefore necessary to visit on site.

2) Measurements taken on site

A technician visits the location of the mat installation and takes measurements. Calculations are done to the nearest millimeter and diagonals, length and width are studied together with the housing of the entrance mat.

During this visit, the technician also identifies entry and crossing points to prepare for the installation day.

As all the people working on an entrance mat order cannot report to the site, it is important to take as many photos as possible during this first site visit. Back at the office, the photos are shared with the project team.

3) The production sheet

A production sheet is edited on the basis of the measurements taken on site. Our production always provides for a space of one or two extra millimeters in depth and width. This means that the mat will not get stuck or compressed during installation.

4) Cutting work

On the basis of this order, checked by the technician who took the measurements, cutting work can start. The length of this stage obviously depends on the depth required.

5) Machining

The cut mat moves to the factory’s shaping centre. We work manually depending on footfall or the specific shape requested:

  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Star

We apply an underlayer:

  • Either in vinyl and an REPs polypropylene coating (absorbing and scraping for interiors)
  • Or a scraping coating for outdoor use
  • Or a raised square pattern (heavy duty scraping) also for outdoor use.

6) Assembly

Depending on the thickness, we then place plastic-coated cables that we slide into the profiles (basic elements of the entrance mat). The profiles are thereby held together and are interdependent.

All the products are checked by the teams before being rolled.

Then the pallets are prepared

7) Collection of the product and cleaning of the site

Once the previous stages have been completed, our team can return to the installation site. It reports to the customer’s contact person (often the central security desk). It can then remove the old mat and, if necessary, clean the floor underneath. We may be required to fill holes at this stage. In all cases, we handle the disposal of the old entrance mat.

8) Laying of the products and adjustments

Even though very precise measurements were taken during the first visit, there are always adjustments to be made during installation. A bump or minor irregularities always make the installation a little more complicated. Specific cutting is then done (bias, rounding, mortise, etc.)

This may take several hours, sometimes a day


9) Site acceptance

That’s it, the mat is laid! The EntranceMats team can then ask a representative of the customer to validate the installation. The installation is shown to a technician or person in charge. A complete intervention report is sent with photos attached

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