Safety for entrance mats

Although its aesthetic and practical qualities are the first thing we look at, the choice of an entrance mat also depends on safety. Explanations

An entrance mat can be beautiful and attractive, but it must not neglect safety. So how can we be sure that an entrance mat offers users – of whom there may be many – the safety conditions required?

To assess the safety level of a safety mat, two factors need to be considered:

  1. The quality of the mat. A high quality mat incurs fewer safety risks.
  2. The age of the entrance mat. The newer the product, the more it resists wear and the safer it is.

Also, always make sure that the mat you buy has a good life expectancy. It needs to be durable. And remember to maintain it regularly.

For instance, with time, some entrance mats offer less protection and their materials lose their flame-retarding quality.

An old mat, which has been used by countless visitors over the years, is likely to be deteriorated. But what sort of deterioration are we talking about when it comes to an entrance mat?

  • Lack of adhesion between the mat and the floor
  • Erosion of the mat’s non-slip surface
  • Deterioration of the mat’s structure and therefore of its features (flammability, abrasion resistance, etc.).

Damaged or poor quality mats incur risks:

  • Risks of slipping due to reduced adhesion
  • Fire risks due to insufficient quality

It is therefore easy to understand the advantages of having a new entrance mat when the current mat is starting to show its age. And of course, a mat will be more hard-wearing if it is of high quality and properly maintained (e.g. by regular vacuuming)

Likewise a high quality mat guarantees that the coating and structure of the product age well and resist wear. To a certain extent, the quality of a mat is a safety investment, as high quality helps reduce various risk factors

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